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On 21 September, the movie screening of Wheat Harvest, a Chinese documentary about sex workers in China, in Hong Kong faced strong opposition. Wheat Harvest had been criticised for making sex workers information public without their consent. People appear in the film as well as Chinese and Hong Kong organizations had been protesting against the movie screening since 2009.

Nowadays in Indonesia, workers' protests are concentrated in cities, whereas farmers are fighting against land grab in villages. Indonesian workers face overwhelming violence and brutality from military and mobs in intensity that Hong Kong workers can hardly imagine. But the movement achieved a lot despite heavy pressure: in 2012, after 7 months factory raid, more than 100,000 outsourced workers gained permanent positions in Bekasi industrial area; minimum wage in 15 industrial areas increased by 48% in average after the general strike in 2013. 

Liberal Party held "Smart tips in employing domestic workers"
Audience: "The talk was full of discrimination against domestic workers"

On the 19th August, Filipino domestic worker Rimando was suspected of stealing cash and the police was called to investigate the case. They found no evidence for the accusation, yet Rimando was fired by her employer. Rimando was overcome with emotion and committed suicide by jumping off the building.